Henriëtte "Lillith Love" van Gasteren

"You are a craftsman with respect for your subjects"
10 march 2021

"Thank you Donald for purchasing my book with photo. You'll see that my art is weaning from 'The Male Gaze' in contrast to your art that I have just been looking at. How good that people let you get so close. A big compliment for that. Succes and love from Henriëtte XXX."

Henriëtte van Gasteren also known as Lillith Love is a dutch artist specialized in photographic self portraits which she composes with great care. Many of her poses are full or half nude. Never tasteless often provoking always interesting. Her star is rapidly rising and I have been following her ever since I met her some 10 years ago.
Her comments are specifically aimed at my nudes, both public on my website and on invitation in my site's VIP-room.
Thank you Henriëtte. Both your book (A House Is Not A Home), collectorsitem (5 availabe left, last I know) and photo (Piqued 2008) and compliments are meaningfull and valuable assets to me.

All photos on this page by Lillith.

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Piqued 2008

Avro's fotowedstrijd 'Het zelfportret'.
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