Do I take assignments?

Well that depends. I stopped commercial photography years ago. The fun and freedom of subject were taken out by commercial boundaries and pressure. But that does not mean that I don't take assignments anymore. I am just not looking for them, when an opportunity comes by I will evaluate it. This means that I can decide to do it for free, to costs or with a certain profit depending on the added value to my insights and needs. Photography and imagery are art. Art must flow and I don't like to be pushed (around). On the other hand... to take on an assignment it may be that I want you to participate in a way that I need to. So yes... your assignment to me is also a commitment to working together toward a result. I am neither a magician nor a slave. As the orderer/client you have your own page on this website. It is protected by two passwords and provides each photo with extensive possibilities to the need of the assignment.

The assignment will be described in a contract if needed. This may occur when costs and/or responsibilities and/or organizational issues beyond my or within your reach are involved.

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